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Cherokee Six 260
Posted on
16 November 2017
( 390 days ago )
Sale Status
For Sale
Part 135 Certificate
Total Time
Engine 1 Overhaul Time
1050 SMOH - 2000 hours TBO or 6 years
Prop 1 Overhaul Time
1300 SMOH - 2000 hours TBO due 5/2019
Last Annual
Due 6/2019
Last 100 Hour Inspection
Due in 80 hours
Year Painted
Year Interior

This very nice, IFR current, Cherokee Six-260 is more economical, carries a greater payload, and has a
longer range than its 300 HP sibling. This one has a Bush Conversions STOL Kit and is modern and clean
inside and out. It’s currently on an Alaska-based Part 135 Certificate with lots of time remaining for
continued Part 135 use. Was professionally flown by one owner/operator. Aircraft cruises at 145 knots
on 14 GPH/125 knots at 11 GPH. Reliable, comfortable heavy-hauler with extensive recent maintenance
and upgrades. Owner has upgraded to a turbo twin Seneca for high altitude tours.

– 5470 hours TT Since New

– Lycoming O-540-E4B5 Engine (260 HP, 12 year/2000 hour TBO)
– 1050 hours SMOH with no issues. Overhauled by Aero Engines of Winchester, VA (Dec. 2010)
– Two cylinders new in 2017. New exhaust system in 2017.

– 2-blade constant speed Hartzell (6 year/2000 hour TBO)
– 1300 hours SOH (Dec. 2012)

– Garmin GNS-430W WAAS GPS Nav/Com
– Narco 12D Digital Flip-Flop Nav/Com
– Narco Mode C Transponder
– Audio Panel with 6-place intercom and music input
– Garmin GI-106A VOR/ILS CDI coupled to G430W for RNAV/ILS approaches
– Century IIB single-axis autopilot coupled to GPS, VOR/ILS, or Heading Bug
– Second VOR/ILS CDI coupled to Nav 2 (can set top for RNAV/overlay and bottom for ILS for redundancy)
– 12 volt DC electric turn & bank coordinator
– All instruments front-lighted with “bugs”
– Avionics master switch

– Electric trim
– Whelen LED landing light, Whelen LED position lighting, Whelen strobes
– Useful load = 1,485 lbs
– 84 gallon fuel capacity
– Newer style throttle quadrant and instrument layout
– Pilot side toe brakes
– Original wheel pants included (matching blue paint, good condition)

– Painted in 2011. Leading edges touched up in 2015. Paint in fairly good condition. 8/10
– All new plexiglass windows in 2011
– Polished firewall
– Large front baggage compartment (100 lb capacity)

– New AirTex leather interior in 2011 (Carpet, headliner, and side panels). Normal wear and tear from
900 hours of use. 7/10
– Large rear door plus cargo door

– IFR Altimeter/Transponder/Static System Certification May 2016 / Due May 2018
– Brought from Part 91 aircraft through Part 135 conformity in 2013
– Complete, detailed logbooks since new
– Full documentation on all STC’s, 337’s, original flight manual with all supplements, FAA approved
briefing cards, POH, current weight & balance, etc.
– Only 1 recurring mechanic AD – Oil cooler hose inspection at 100 hour intervals
– 1 recurring pilot AD – Check fuel drain operation each 50 hours
– No corrosion
– Annual inspection due – May 2018
– No expense spared Part 135 maintenance since 2013.
– Recent strut overhauls (no leakdown)
– Recent fuel selector valve replacement
– Recent new tires. Also will include 8.50×6 tires & wheel for mains if desired

Damage history:
– Overshot runway due to tailwind. Collision with ditch beyond runway threshold. (North Carolina, 1969)
– Failure of right axle shaft during off-airport landing in Alaska damaged right wing and stabilator. Wing right main gear, and stabilator replaced. No prop strike. Professionally repaired by Airframe Innovations
in Fairbanks. (Alaska, August 2014)